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Hi everyone, comments were deleted accidentally when the comment provider stopped working.  I've tried to restore as many as possible.  Please comment above whenever you get the chance, I'd love to have your feedback!  I've put the older comments that I could rescue below.

New item from Pam C, Harrisburg, PA on Travel With Michie
It's been about 5 years since I went to Japan with Michie (the maiden voyage) and it's still fresh in my mind. What a perfect introduction to a new country. Michie's depth of knowledge and intense interest in all people made for a fabulous experience. Her ability to translate Japanese culture to us westerners made every day enjoyable and digestible. Since she's lived more than half her life in the US and the rest in Japan, she's able to see with two sets of eyes.

John F., NYC, NY
The trip exceeded our expectations. You took us to places that would be hard if not impossible for travelers who don’t speak Japanese to get to. You really took us off the beaten track! At no time did I feel that I was part of a “tour” with a standardized and rushed, rigid schedule…rather, I felt that we were all on a quiet adventure together.

Veronica F., NYC, NY
The trip far exceeded our expectations because of your planning, wonderful personality and ability to accommodate all types of people. Many, many thanks!!!!

Kristi and Gordon, Washington
We spent an absolutely spectacular 10 days on Kyushu Island without another Western tourist in sight. We had fabulous meals (including a 15 course meal all made of tofu). We met wonderful people (the lady who did a tea ceremony in her home for us, the koto player in the paper store in Kyoto). We did things no ordinary tourist would ever even know about, such as the tiny country inn on Kakara Island where we had a communal bath and the largest sashimi dinner (giant squid still palpating) the world has ever seen, and the organic farm run by Michie’s cousin with its spacious original kitchen and wealth of family antiques. The last four days were more mundane – temples, imperial villas and gardens in Kyoto. But still truly wonderful.

Sharon K., Staunton VA 
Overall, I think the trip was great. We saw other Americans that were on their own and really seemed lost. They marveled at what we had been able to do and see. I liked the pace of the trip.
Thanks so much for putting it all together!

Hilary Greif 
Michie’s trip was a unique experience, letting me see parts of Japanese culture not available to the average tourist. Those that stand out most were; the tea ceremony, staying at a traditional inn with an outdoor rock decorated sulfur bath, that night sleeping on futons on tatami mats, a visit to a famous calligrapher who explained his craft, a tour and lunch at Michie’s cousins organic farm, geisha watching , touring the Gion section in Kyoto and touring magnificent gardens.
Trying new and different foods was among my favorite things. Meals ranged from indulging in fifteen course dinners and multiple course lunches, to eating in tiny noodle shops and sampling street food.
Before the trip Michie was extremely informative about accommodations, transportation and points of interest.
If Tokyo is not on the agenda, I recommend taking four or five extra days before or after Michie’s trip, visiting there. Subways are easy to navigate (signs are also in English) and most restaurants either have English menus, or pictures to identify what to choose. People are friendly, and were especially helpful when they see you studying a map and looking at street signs.

Reta Vriend
My daughter and I did the 'Michie thing' this fall (2011). We have been home for several weeks, but I still think about Japan daily. For us, it was a wonderful adventure.... it was cultural, it was culinaire, it was beautiful... and it was different. Instead of a tourist bus, Michie used taxi's, buses, trains and the subway. Whenever the opportunity presented itself, she invited Japanese friends and acquaintances to join us. These two factors increased our contact with the local population considerably, which made the trip really special. And Michie knows how to keep the spirits high; she is capable of finding something positive in ANY sitution... Has it been raining for three days? Well, yeah, but isn't it wonderful that it's not so ungodly hot!
My advice to anyone wanting to get the 'feel' of Japan: do it with Michie!
(I would, however, not recommend this trip to anyone who has an aversion to new and strange foods. Michie's Japan is an absolute culinair adventure; it would be a shame to eat burgers, pizza's and croissants instead of tonkatsu, okonomiyaki or sushi!)

Ellen F., Denver NY 
I became aware of how much we saw and did on the trip. In retrospect, it's amazing how much territory we covered and how thoughtfully planned your trip is in terms of giving us a multi-dimensional experience of Japan - its geography, historical treasures, class life styles and especially its food (no surprise there, Michie). Thanks. Ellen